Redcurrent cupcakes

Red currants are bright red little jewels with a lovely sweet-sour taste that makes sweet vanilla cupcakes sing.  The summer is coming to the end so do not ponder, just try them : ) Ingredients for 8 cupcakes: 50g soft unsalted butter 140g caster sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 large egg 120g cake flour sifted … More Redcurrent cupcakes

Donut Sunday

Sunday is a fun day and “accessorizing” donuts is a great fun. Take half a dozen or more plain donuts (bought, baked or fried – though frying takes all the fun out of this enterprise and the “aroma” lingers for days) then arrange them on a parchment paper. Have ready any decorations you fancy – sprinkles, chocolate shavings, … More Donut Sunday