Donut Sunday


Sunday is a fun day and “accessorizing” donuts is a great fun.

Take half a dozen or more plain donuts (bought, baked or fried – though frying takes all the fun out of this enterprise and the “aroma” lingers for days) then arrange them on a parchment paper.

Have ready any decorations you fancy – sprinkles, chocolate shavings, small candy, anything unashamedly colorful and sweet.

Prepare very thick icing from icing sugar and a few drops of lemon juice or water. Add, very cautiously, your chosen food coloring (a small drop goes a very long way, so if you are partial to pastel shades, be extremely careful).  The icing should be almost to thick to decorate with.  Microwave it at medium power for 10 or 20 seconds, it should be heated through and easy to apply. Then work very fast – 1 donut a time – apply icing and immediately decorate, as the icing will set in seconds. But it will have a lovely shine. When the icing gets harder, microwave it again.

Now you can take your camera and add a photo shoot to the day’s frivolities.  Hope you’ll have tons of fun 🙂





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